“In COPD—as in other illnesses—death is not the enemy. The true enemies are fear of abandonment, loneliness, and pain and the anxiety that accompanies such fear.”
Dr. Tom Petty
(COPD Readers Digest Spring 2005)

Activities: My man,,singing, photography, reading, listening to music, surfing the net, researching my family tree. Interests: Music, writing, poetry, food, cultures, travel. people, news, politics and history. There’s a few anyway. Favorite Books: anything by Patricia Cornwell, Joanne Harris, Arthur Ransome. History, travel and maps, Who dunnits. The Hiram Key which explains A LOT and now visiting groups on facebook that have copd and blogging it seems lol


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Jools,

    Just spotted your friend request on FB. Unfortunately, my FB account isn’t really active these days, I just need it to be able to log in to certain blogs and websites, otherwise I’d close it down.

    Just thought I’d let you know it’s nothing personal 😉

    If it’s of any interest, I’m on Twitter (@rantsfromron as @ronsrants was already taken).


    • Hi Ron, thanks for getting back to me. No worries regarding Facebook. I don’t use it much except to visit one or two Copd groups where I can find support and guidance for my condition. I enjoy reading your blog. I have only just started mine and already I have writers block. I’m sure it won’t last for ever.

      Thanks again

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