A Sham of a Week

I’ve had a hell of a week. It started well, went to my hospice on Monday for the day (more of that later) and really enjoyed it. It all kicked off after that.

We had intended to travel over to Manchester on Monday evening, however by the time we all got home no one was feeling much like packing a car and travelling for 2 hours, so we put it off until the following morning.

I had an appointment with my transplant consultants on the Tuesday afternoon. We arrived in good time at our destination but discovered we had left the referral letter behind. This proved to be even worse when it became evident that we were not even expected by my doctors. It was all a bit of a sham really and I intend to get to the bottom of it but suffice to say it was a wasted journey and one I will have to do again at a later date.

To add insult to injury on the way home and fortunately for me nearing the end, I ran out of oxygen. I didn’t realise until I felt weird and when the oximeter was put on my finger my SATS were 79. Was I glad to get home.

I have been slowly getting over all this. It really must have upset me because I have been quite tearful and not really wanting to talk much. I’ve been off my food and generally depressed. I have also been dealing with another incident that has reared it’s ugly head yesterday evening. I don’t want to talk about it much, but it’s a family thing that has reemerged after nearly 14 years. It has affected me badly and I need to watch myself and make sure I don’t withdraw like I am prone to do at such times.

Music and laughter seems to be the cure and there will be plenty of that coming up in the next week and beyond. We have house guests all next weekend and I have my Christmas dinner at the hospice to enjoy after that.

We have done no preparations for Christmas as yet. We will be spending Christmas and New Year with my husbands sister and her family so we don’t have to think of food just yet. There will be presents to get and cards to write…

I have a lot to be thankful for and that is what I will try and keep in mind.



2 responses to “A Sham of a Week

  1. Joanne Fernandes

    Jools, you are a truly remarkable woman, and there are many who love you. Speak the word, or reach out, and we will be here to help you through this in whatever way we can. I may be presumptious by including anyone besides myself, but from what I’ve read with my own two eyes, that claim is one you can count on. I can well imagine you were glad to be home! Those O2 numbers are low enough to scare me! Much love to you, my friend, and many, many hugs. ❤

  2. So so brave jools, Keep up the good work you are doing, and focus on that you are fantastic and so inspiring to all who have the pleasure of knowing you. Your fb friend shani xxxxx

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