Unblocking the Writer

Has the writers block come to an end? We shall see.

Whenever I felt like coming here and writing about my life it all seemed to be too much. It’s hard to explain but if I don’t think about it then it’s not happening. It’s different being in the groups, there, we are discussing any little thing and I don’t have to focus on me. I will try not to let it lapse again.

A good deal has happened since I published my last proper blog. I still havn’t actually finished the tale of my journey around Timperley on that warm sunny day. I guess it might never get done so I will end it now by glossing over the trivia and just say that I found out that one of my best friends from high school had died just 10 months previously from lung cancer. Her mum answered the door and it was such a shock to see this little old white haired lady in place of Dory’s mum. She was so cool back then. I remembered we would do chemistry experiments on her kitchen table. She had had a grammar school education and knew her chemistry stuff well. We had such fun. Dory was one of my bridesmaids and a good pal to have. I’m very sad she died so young.

There seems to be death around me a good deal at the moment. We have had one or two folk who belonged to the group die very recently. All lung related. Rachael was only 23. Kathy was 40/50’s I think. I met Rachael in Wythenshawe Transplant Hospital a year ago. She was in the bed next to me having had a double lung transplant 7 months previously. Needless to say sadly it didn’t work.

I went to see my consultant in Nottingham back in August and he was delighted to tell me that the shadow on my lung had all but disappeared and was going to refer me back to the Transplant team. It’s taken a while but I now have an appointment this coming Tuesday where my fate could be decided. I have tried to prepare myself for this moment this past year by putting on loads of weight and going back to rehab for the third time. Since the exercising came to an end I seem to have come to a grinding halt and I am feeling myself getting short of breath more easily. This won’t do! I have to start exercising again for my own sake. Maybe I will try some yoga if I can get my body to move that way.

Next time I will tell you about two new things that have come my way in the last week or so.



2 responses to “Unblocking the Writer

  1. Glad you are writing again Jools and all the best for Tuesday! (((hugs)))

  2. Thanks Jay, that means a lot to me. ((((hugs))))

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